Human Design with Hannah Crerar

by Georgia

A system set like a combination between astrology and Myers Briggs, one that can help reveal how we are built, and how to respond to the world and its energy – Human Design. 

I must admit this was never something I had much interest in. I am methodical, and in all honesty, a little bit of a control freak, so giving myself over to be read by a stranger hasn’t exactly been at the top of my list. But now, more than ever, it is necessary we spend time getting to know and working on ourselves. 

I came across Hannah Crerar, a New Zealand based soul psychologist, who teaches yoga and meditation, runs the School of Soul Psychology and performs Human Design & Astrology readings. I was drawn to Hannah’s modern approach to self-discovery. She is authentic, knowledgeable and grounded. 

I spoke to Hannah about her approach to Human Design, what it is, and how we can all benefit from a reading. We both hope you learn or find something from our conversation.

Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came across Human Design, among other things. 

I am a Soul Psychologist. I offer a modern approach to self-discovery using spiritual and psychological tools to empower individuals to live life authentically. 

Human Design is the newest tool in my self-awareness toolbox and truly feels like the final piece of the puzzle. I have always loved the body-mind-soul connection and discovered Human Design quite late in the piece in 2017. My background is actually in law and commerce, and I worked corporate for four years. I decided to leave the corporate world to study psychology and pursue yoga teaching. Over the past few years, I’ve been exploring many other spiritual sciences like Astrology, Reiki and Yoga Nidra, and it’s a dream to now share their healing benefits with others.

So, what is Human Design? 

Human Design is equal parts spiritual as it is scientific. It draws on many wisdom traditions like Astrology, the Kaballah, the Chinese I-ching, the Chakra system as well as quantum physics and genetics. Your Human Design Body Graph is essentially a map for your Soul’s unique energy.
Have you ever walked into a room and felt certain “vibes?” Or have you ever felt inexplicably drawn toward someone? There is always an energetic exchange going on in life. Human Design provides a snapshot of your unique energy so that you understand the vibes you bring to an environment and where you are vulnerable to others.

Can you explain the different types and their strategies? 

Manifestor – Their energy is big, impactful and spontaneous. Nobody can predict the Manifestor’s next move. They are here to initiate, to light the match, and to lead their own endeavours. These people will start projects, movements and conversations based on their own internal urges. They should not be controlled nor micro-managed. Freedom and periods of rest allow Manifestors to thrive. Their lesson is to confidently communicate with the people around them on their next move. They are here to be unapologetic as they create waves.

Generator -Their energy is warm and attractive when engaging in tasks that really light them up. A Generator has an incredible capacity to access life force and creativity inside when they are listening to their body’s gut signals. Their gut response is their best teacher. If they have leaky boundaries or pour their time and energy into things that don’t excite them physically, they will feel incredibly frustrated and drained. They must curate their lifestyle, so they feel lit up. In this state, their energy is palpable and infectious. We need the Generator to get in touch with their own desires and to honour them.

Manifesting Generator – Their energy is fast-paced and buzzing. Manifesting Generators are our multi-passionate, multi-doers. They are here to play with life and show us how to colour outside the lines. Their job is to respond to what lights them up and say no to the rest. If they set off on one path or choose one relationship only to find they have quickly outgrown it, that is their cue to pivot, twist or jump ship. Their life is not going to be linear and predictable. They move fast, and they have a lot on the go. Just because they are highly capable, they still need to ensure they are engaging in the tasks that bring them joy.

Projector – Their energy is deeply penetrating and absorbed in what it sees. Projectors can oversee what is going on, whether in a person, a business or a system. They are acutely gifted at spotting patterns, trends, and efficiencies. They know how to tweak and manoeuvre energy so that life runs smoothly. Their advice and guidance is precious and lands best when others are open to it. When it comes to work, these people are designed to honour their resting periods. Rest and self-compassion can be one of the most rewarding and productive actions despite societal programming.

Reflectors – Their energy is very light and translucent. These people reflect the life they are in the middle of, whether it is their group of friends, workplace or home space. A Reflector’s health and wellbeing is an amplified version of their environment. They are here to sample, reflect and delight in life in all it’s facets. When it comes to making decisions, they need to go slow, feel things out and chat with trusted confidants. They must ruthlessly curate their environment based on how they feel. When living aligned, they have the greatest capacity to embody pure presence and non-attachment.

What, or do you find, is the intent of having a Human Design reading? In what way would this help people? 

Human beings are beautiful and complex, and I love that. A reading often feels like permission to be who you truly are and not what society has conditioned you to be. Instead of providing a “one size fits all” model, the advice is very tailored to the individual. One person’s route to success and happiness is going to look completely different from the next person’s.

The most common response to a Reading is a sense of deep relief and self-trust. It gives language to parts of you that you have always known to be true but haven’t had the words to describe. It gives you the confidence to love those things you may have thrown into your shadow or judged as “bad.”

The system was discovered in 1987, so it is a reasonably new modality. Still, our generation and generations to come can use the wisdom to free us from the shackles of hierarchical structures and outdated belief systems that often seek to confine us and serve only an elite few.

What sort of knowledge can we receive from a Human Design reading? What should we expect to come out with? 

There is a specific way each soul chooses to operate in this life, but because of all the societal/ parental/ media conditioning that gets placed on us from a young age, we tend to mistrust our bodily signals. When we veer off course and act in ways that are misaligned, we come up against blocks. When we start living according to our design, life becomes a lot less confusing and hard. We find our natural rhythm and flow.

A reading will give you insight into your unique fears, desires, life lessons, motivations, intuitive gifts, relationship style, digestion etc…. the list can go on. The most important thing to get clear on is your Energy type and Authority. Once you understand these things, you know how to exchange energy in the world, and you know the specific area of your body, you can rely on when making decisions. With this knowledge, the rest of your Chart starts to come to life with ease.

The idea behind Human Design is quite complex – how does one train to become a Human Design reader, or learn more about the concept? 

I have personally completed Reader training and continue my own research into the definitive Human Design Guide books. Experimenting with the system in real life has provided an important foundation when it comes to Readings. Embodying my own Human Design and watching others flourish when they embrace theirs has been incredibly informative in my work as a reader.

That approach aligns with my values and learning style, but it is up to the individual. At the end of the day, it is about being discerning with what resonates and having integrity with what you share.

Your approach to self discovery is very modern, and initially, thats what drew me to you. How do you merge both worlds together?

My extensive studies and personal explorations into spirituality and psychology provide the foundation for Soul Psychology. While these two schools of thought are often seen at opposite ends of the spectrum, I believe they overlap in many ways. energy is energy, and we cannot deny that.

There is an undeniable intelligence that exists within and around us. It’s not always “logic” that leads us to true expansion, so spiritual tools offer a doorway into our untapped potential.

I haven’t loved the ways spirituality has been shared in the past, but I believe that people are really ready for the information. It needs to be delivered in a way that speaks to the modern mind. I like sharing it from my own fresh perspective.

This year marks a hard year for many, and beginning the journey to self discovery can be difficult. What would your advice be to anyone wanting to begin the journey, but not quite know how? 

In a world that is overloaded with data, highly stimulated and experiencing a true crisis of values, many of us are hurting to know who we are and what our role is in all of this. 

Spiritual and psychological tools can be very reassuring to navigate change, but it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. We really, really need to take care of our energy and ensure we are selective with what we let in and out of our mind-body system. 

Of course, I believe Human Design and Astrology are great tools for empowering the individual, but I also believe that daily practices are important and spiritual practices do NOT have to be super out there. You don’t have to be sitting at an altar or doing 108 downward dogs. I really encourage people to find something that lets them feel connected and IN their body. That could be anything from listening to rap music, swimming in the ocean, journaling, singing, playing with a pet, laughing with friend.… it’s about finding an outlet that resonates with you.

I am a huge advocate for practices like breathing and meditation and in particular, Yoga Nidra. I believe it has changed my life in so many ways. Here is a link to albums I created for people during the lockdown. 

Some may be sceptical about readings, reiki and astrology. How can even those who aren’t sure about either, work with you? 

I actually love working with sceptics because it’s so cool to see the “ah-ha” moments and sparks of curiosity flying. I’ll always meet people where they are at and share the information in a way that is tangible and applicable to their situation.

So many of us go through life simply wanting to confirm what we know. It can be pleasurable and rewarding to feel vindicated and right. But it’s easy to forget there is not just one right way. So I always encourage people to stay open.

Once we realise we are spiritual beings living the human experience – spirituality becomes a lot less sketchy and intimidating.

For more information on Hannah or to book your own reading, you can find Hannah on Instagram or at

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                               Images: Supplied

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