How To Support Our Local Fashion Community

by Georgia

Post COVID, general day-to-day life is returning to normal. We are returning to the office, heading out for dinner & drinks and booking a stay-cation to make up for the missed European summer we had talked about for months, if not years! One thing most forgot, was to shop locally, as couriers struggled to keep up with the onslaught of our international spending.

New Zealand has an incredibly vast range of local talent – fashion makers, designers and curators. Supporting locally keeps our little industry afloat during these uncertain times and brings joy to those behind the stores we all know and love. Whether you shop local (for those who are financially able) or simply are out here to support, we have listed a few ways to back your favourite NZ businesses.

Shop Local

It has always been a personal priority to support local businesses. Moving towards investing in a smaller, more curated wardrobe with high quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Make everything an investment piece.
If there isn’t something you are wanting to purchase currently, we suggest buying a gift voucher for a later purchase.

Some of our favourite Kiwi brands and stores we love to late-night scroll are;


Using the power of social media 

The power behind word-of-mouth has always been prevalent. But now, we are all equipped with our own platforms – big or small – so put your accounts to work!
A like, a comment, a follow, a shared post – they don’t cost anything – but the power of that support is seen. Help our brands be seen. 

Some of our favourite NZ fashion accounts; 

Leave a review 

I know finding a review, you would usually think of TripAdvisor. However; Google reviews act like word of mouth, just on the internet, between strangers. 

Specifically for brick and mortar, reviews show up when the business is googled, and is so important to have a high rating. 

Signing into your Gmail and clicking 5 star is yet another free way to show support during these times. How about you go for the trifecta and do all three!  

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                                Images: Instagram 

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