How Often Should We Really Be Throwing Away Our Makeup?

by Georgia

Beauty is forever. Your makeup isn’t. 

For as long as I can remember, most of us have lived by the “it expires when it’s empty” rule but, like anything, makeup has its own expiration date. Although makeup can appear ‘fine’ the products lose their efficacy and can be harmful to our skin, undoing all the work our skincare is doing overnight. 

If makeup doesn’t last forever, when should we really be throwing out our products? A study from Stowaway Cosmetics and Poshly found that 89% hoard old makeup for those “just incase” moments. Guilty as charged! Spending more time at home this year, I had time on my hands to do the annual ‘de-clutter’ leading me to discover products I may or may not have purchased when I was in high school – oops. 

P.S. If you need a sign to purchase new cosmetics- this is it! 

Unlike food, most beauty products aren’t required to have an exact expiration date on their packaging. Cosmetic packages provide their own ‘best before’ time, symbolised in a little jar on the rear of your packaging. This indicates your products lifetime after the first crack of the lid. For example 24M = 24 months, before you should stop using the product.

Below are TBB’s guidelines we (try!) and follow for our products;

It’s important to note however, that even if a product is unopened, it’s best to throw it out after three years.

Tips to ensure you don’t over extend;

Write the opening date on the package. This helps you keep track of how long you have really had the product for.
Cut contamination by saving your products just for you and cleaning brushes as regularly as possible. If products come in contact with a coldsore or infection – its out!
Common sense: If a product smells off, is separating or has a gloopy consistency – it’s time for a new one!

It’s best to say that, if in doubt – throw it out! (P.S. try to recycle where possible through different brands recycling programs).

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                                Images: Pinterest, White Space Studio

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