Homegrown Beauty Heroes – Manuka Vantage

by Sophie

Manuka Vantage is the latest innovation by Parrs Products, a family-owned business that has been in the skincare game for the past 30 years. Andrew Rainham, Business Development Manager for Manuka Vantage, gives us an insight into his latest venture which harnesses the power of manuka oil and premium certified manuka honey, renowned for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory skin-healing benefits. 

How does Manuka Vantage celebrate New Zealand?

Our philosophy is to ensure our most important ingredients and components come from natural, ethical and sustainable sources so that we can do our part to retain and protect the clean, green beauty that is New Zealand. Our dedicated team has always been proud to stand by the quality of every product we make and to express the spirit of New Zealand in everything we do.

Which skin types are best suited to using your products?

Manuka Vantage is best for those with blemished or acne-prone skin seeking a powerful, yet gentle natural alternative to other products in the market. Since our influencer launch campaign, we have been overwhelmed with positive responses. We’ve had many customers messaging us their stories of how the product has changed their lives by calming their skin and removing previously angry and resistant acne and blemishes that other products have not affected.

What makes Manuka oil so beneficial for skin healing? 

Manuka oil is a natural antimicrobial but not all manuka oils are created equal. We are proud to use a sustainable supply of East Cape manuka oil in our products. In technical terms, the grade we use is certified as MßßTK™ 20+, guaranteeing a manuka ßeta Triketone content of 20 percent or more. Manuka ß-Triketones have been shown to have very high antimicrobial properties.

How will the brand continue to grow from here? 

We are always listening to the market, which is especially important being a new brand! We will take this initial period to listen to our customers and hear their feedback and suggestions to guide and support Manuka Vantage to develop and align with their needs. 


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