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by Georgia

Tina Beauty is in the heart of Parnell, in luxury premise, providing all your beauty needs in one place – from new brows to assisting clients with botched jobs. Tina has more than ten years experience in the beauty industry and cosmetic tattooing, gaining titles in Phi Academy as Phibrows artist, Philings artist and Philash artist. 

Tina is very confident in providing all brow tattoo treatments to suit all clients needs and desired outcomes and is passionate about providing clients with skin treatments that do not just “feel good” but are result driven. Tina Beauty offers a wide range of beauty treatments from eyelash extensions, lip tattooing, to non-surgical skin tightening treatments, skin tag removal & micro needling.

The Beauty Book spoke to Tina Nguyen about her career and experience in the beauty industry. 

How long have you been in the beauty industry?

I have been a qualified beauty therapist for 13 years now, but have been working at a cosmetic tattooist for over ten years. Prior to the beauty industry I had a few other careers as a cafe owner, qualified Vietnamese interpreter and as a property manager however, I never gave up on the beauty industry. 

What made you stick with the industry? 

I always loved doing beauty treatments, so after trying a few different careers, I decided to concentrate on growing my beauty skills. I think tried hard to take as many advanced beauty courses as possible over the last two years. 

I successfully gained a few titles with Phi Academy such as; Philash artist, Phibrows artist and Philings artist. 

Brows are one of your specialties, what drew you to this service? 

I am very confident in providing all tattoo brow treatments that are currently available; Powder ombre brows, Micro blading brows, Micro blading and shading and combination brows. 

I love brow work as I love the transformation which means so much for some clients who have struggled with no eyebrows or uneven eyebrows for years. 

What is a new technique Tina Beauty is offering? 

The newest lip tattoo technique, Fairy Lip Tattoo, is very different to the original way of tattooing lips. This used to include swollen, take a long time to heal.

What is the benefit of having the new fairy tattoo lip treatment? 

The new fairy lips have no swelling with no downtime. They heal within 48 hours, and need no special aftercare while still lasting 2 – 4 years. The benefits of this treatment is to enhance the natural lip, to achieve more definition and a fuller look to save both time and money on lipstick. 

Eyelash extensions are another aspect of Tina Beauty, what are your top tips before an appointment? 

You can prepare for your appointment by not wearing mascara or any oil-based makeup products around the eyes. This will help to adhesive stick better and make the application process flow much smoother. 

Be prepared for your initial appointment can take around one to two hours depending on the volume and style desired. 

What type of extensions do you provide?

I specialise in all eyelash extension services from classic, hybrid, Russian volume, mega volume to any customised styles such as Kim K lashes, strip lashes, wispy lashes, colour and party lashes. Clients can send me a photo of any style of their favourite look and I can mix and match with Russian Volume or mega volume technique to create the desired look. 

Where can clients find more about Tina Beauty and book an appointment? 


We are located at 383 Khyber Pass Road, New Market and clients can find more information at Make sure to follow us @tinabeauty_18 for client before & afters! 

This article was brought to you by Tina Beauty.

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