Future Proofed Brows

by Georgia

Being slightly faint-hearted about tattoos in general, I was at first apprehensive about going through with Browography – mainly because I wasn’t sure as to where the procedure sat on the pain scale. I had previously seen gloriously perfect arches on Instagram that were created through this sorcery and decided to take the tattoo plunge. 

While pondering about whether I should get my face tattooed or not, my friend had just gotten her brows done at ON BROWHOUSE, meaning I could know for sure if it was painful or not (can you tell that I have no tattoos on my body?). Fortunately, with the use of topical anesthetic, the procedure was pain-free and felt like very light “scratching”. For the sake of owning a pair of perfect arches, I decided to take the plunge.

Browography provides future-proofed eyebrows as it takes into consideration that beauty trends are ever-changing. Unlike standard tattooing, Browography is a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattooing using solely a hand tool with no machines involved. Said hand-tool is disposed of after one use. Over time, the pigments will fade so that you can tweak the shape and adjust the colour to fit in with the trends that will come and go throughout the years. Super fine hair-like strokes are made within the brows to make it look natural.

A typical treatment starts with taking some “before” photos and a topical anaesthetic is applied. While waiting for it to kick in, there will be a full colour consultation with 6-8 different pigments being tested on your forehead to check which one will suit you perfectly – colour combinations are endless. After measurements, the outline of your brow shape will be drawn – keep in mind that though it looks somewhat comical and super intense, the tattoo will be within these lines and not on the lines.

The eyebrow embroidery will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Most clients report a discomfort level of 2 to 4 out of 10. Although personally, the procedure wasn’t painful at all – I only teared up when my wild and stray eyebrow hairs were being plucked. Directly after, you’ll be able to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and how incredible the transformation is. My shapeless brows turned into real arches.

The first session of Browography is the ‘Foundation Session’ where the shape, colour and fullness will stay conservative as you can always add darkness and fullness in the second session 4-6 weeks later. It will fade quite a bit before your second session and the results are very natural.

The price for Browography is $895 – this includes both sessions, one bottle of aftercare and some insanely good-looking set of brows. They also provide their clients with half price brow services such as Brow Shaping ($15) Brow Wow (shape and colour for $25). This is to encourage clients to maintain their browography and also to keep an eye on how your brows are healing and fading over time. This is available at all 4 branches. For those who are too busy in the mornings or simply too lazy to wake up half an hour earlier to perfect your brows, I couldn’t recommend Browography enough. I’m now one step closer to rolling out of bed and walking out the door with confidence.

Words: Sophie Chung                                                                                                                                            Images: Supplied, Pinterest 

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