Forme Spa Wellbeing Membership

by Amanda

Your new wellbeing membership. The routine appointment you’ll never want to miss.

These days we sign up for gym memberships, yoga memberships, music memberships, food subscription memberships – you name it – with the notion that these memberships all improve our quality of life in some way or another. Whether it be for convenience, for our health, for routine, consistency, or something that simply adds value.

Do you consider your general wellbeing in the same vein? Do you check in and assess your level of stress? Do you plan downtime to unwind and relax? Is this something you make a priority, or part of a regular schedule?

At Forme Spa, our belief is that we should all make time just for ourselves too, even if we do have to schedule that precious time in! It’s so important to take a breath, to relax, unwind and give back what life can sometimes take out. Making this a consistent habit (not just once in a blue moon!) is key too.

With 18 years in the industry, our expertise is in relaxation, rejuvenation and results. We’ve seen first hand what consistent treatments can do for our clients, both in mind and body.

We created our Spa Membership Programme at Forme Spa, BELONG, with exactly this in mind. To help you create a monthly wellbeing or pamper routine to give back to you – all without breaking the bank.

Why Belong?

For as little as $55 a month (or $14 a week) you could be enjoying a luxurious massage and relaxing in our award-winning day spa environment. Alternatively, if facials are your treatment of choice, for just $65 a month you could be enjoying a facial customised to suit your skin. We also have a selection of other membership options based on what suits you best.

You’ll also receive the added benefits of treatment and product discounts, flexibility to carry your treatment forward to the next month and the option to gift your treatment to a friend if you’re feeling generous.

We’re flexible too – you can cancel at any time after the first three months without penalty if it doesn’t suit you anymore.

There’s absolutely no pain with this kind of wellbeing membership – only lots of pleasure and relaxation to gain. What’s not to love?

Words: Forme Spa
Images: Supplied

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