Flawless Brows

by Georgia

Her own brows are neatly trimmed and beautifully shaped. Emma is a cosmetic tattooist and runs her own practice, Flawless Brows NZ in Mount Eden. 

“There’s a big difference between tattooing, as most people know it, and what we do,” says Emma.
“Cosmetic tattooing is semi-permanent makeup. It’s a pigment deposited into the skin, lasting for a year or two. So it’s quite different from a normal tattoo, which uses ink and is permanent. Fashions Change, so its important that people are aware that this will fade,” Emma explains. 

The pigment is applied to the eyebrow through micro incisions with disposable needles, giving a feathered and super natural look – just like hair. Emma uses a numbing cream so the only pain are the tiniest of scratches.

Cosmetic tattooing works for people who want a fuller brow, but there’s another aspect which Emma is equally passionate about.

“It’s great for people who have scars, or those who have hair lost through and illness such as cancer. It’s really satisfying to give them back some confidence.”

Eyebrow tattooing forms the bulk of Emma’s work, but lips are becoming increasingly popular – “It’s just like permanent lipstick! You wake up in the morning and your lips and brows are done. A bit of BB cream and you’re out the door!.”

Can cosmetic tattooing change the lip shape?

“You can give the lips more definition, but you don’t want to go too far outside the existing lip-line, as this can look unnatural. Our goal is to make things look as natural as possible.”

What is the cost of the treatment? 

The tattooing is carried out over two sessions, the first starting from $400 upwards, depending on technique. This includes consultation, numbing cream and aftercare. The second session, at a cost of $290, at least four weeks later when the pigment has settled and the final touches are applied. 

You can find Emma at flawlessbrows.co.nz

Words: Vanessa Bennett                                                                                                                                         Images: Flawless Brows 

This article was originally published in The Beauty Book Edition 7

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