Excellence in Cosmetic Medicine Treatments

by Sophie

The Society of Cosmetic Appearance Nurses Network was set up in 2016 by leading Cosmetic Appearance nurses and trainers in NZ.

There was a need to put good standards and guidelines in place to protect clients from inadequately trained therapists. So, a lot of work has been done to set up the society, write standards and auditing tools to make sure the standards are being met in an individual’s practice and clinic. This may sound a bit boring, but it is about public safety and you, the client. It is so you can go and have a treatment in a safe manner, have it properly explained and tailored to you to get the best outcomes and to reduce potential side effects and complications, some of which can be disfiguring and permanent.

Why should consumers go to a CANN Nurse for cosmetic treatment?

CANN nurses are all professionally qualified and trained and follow CANN’s “best practice standards” developed by nurses and nurse educators with many years’ experience in the cosmetic appearance industry. Our network of cosmetic nursing professionals allows us to share the latest knowledge, training, and techniques to ensure the highest levels of patient care and safety.    

What would be the 5-point checklist for choosing the right clinic/therapist when seeking cosmetic treatment?

1. Registered Nurse with a current practising certificate.

2. A member of CANN, as this shows they have the required experience and met clinical safety requirements, such as infection control, emergency equipment and secure storage of your medical records.

3. Clean and well-lit premises.

4. Consultation: have you had an opportunity to discuss your concerns, do you think the therapist understands these concerns and is addressing them?

5. Time to think: Have you been given time to consider treatment options, there should not be any pressure to start straight away or commit to a financial plan. Importantly, have you been given a clear explanation of treatments, costs and potential side effects?

What warning signs are there, that a client should be wary of when choosing a therapist and/or clinic?

  • Premises that look dirty. 
  • A therapist who cannot give you good information about treatments, side effects and why these treatments are addressing your concerns.
  • Is their aesthetic look right for you? “Big” lips vs beautiful lips, “pillow face” vs sculpted cheeks and defined jawline.
  • The pressure to ‘commit’ straight away without time to weigh up options. Check out a few places.

Lastly, what treatments are CANN seeing on the rise in NZ?

More clients are seeking treatments than ever before: so, an increase in muscle relaxants and dermal fillers. Natural skin enhancement i.e. collagen production through your own serum and growth factors being used in treatments- such as PRP and Factor 4. Also, this serum can be used with dermal needling and laser treatments to enhance results and speed healing. 

It is an exciting growth industry to be working in, with many new developments to meet the growing needs of people seeking solutions to their cosmetic concerns.


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