Everyone Gets A Bubble

by Georgia

Solid soap is incredibly underrated. There is something incredibly nostalgic about the bar, it’s been a constant, something that’s stayed relatively similar over the decades. Soap is such a transitory item, an ephemeral sculpture, shaped day after day, by us. The aspect is fascinating. 

So when did these cute, plastic free – usually – blocks become so ‘un-cool’? Pushed out of our bathrooms by beautiful glass pump-bottles and the move towards liquid soap, bars are coming back in stylish vengeance.

According to research by Mintel, the popularity of bar soap has waned thanks to a number of negative perceptions, with forty eight percent of consumers thinking soap bars are a haven for bacteria and are generally unclean. Calling a soap bar unclean contradicts the entire existence of the bar itself, but I can understand the argument. 

While we navigate the agreement of Bar Vs Pump, for those sticking with the square – or other shapes, as we have discovered – TBB has rounded up some top picks, to prove bar soaps are not always, boring.

Seem Soap – Pebble Soap, $48 from Seem France

Bastide – Rose Olivier Solid Soap, $35 from Mecca 

Diptique – 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Soap, $49 from Mecca.

Aesop – Body Cleansing Slab, $30 from Aesop NZ 

Rampel Latour – Olive Soap, $23 from Renaissance Studio

Pre de Provence – Lavender Soap, $19 from Father Rabbit

Sphaera – Pomegranate Seed Oil & Pink Clay Soap, $26 from Common People

L’Occitane Bonne Mere Soap, $14 – L’Occitane

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                                Images: Supplied

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