Ever heard of Sun Care Capsules?

by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

Did you know that you can protect your skin against photoaging and dark spots from the inside out? What! I know, I thought the same thing prior to discovering Heliocare 360° Capsules.

If you’ve been enjoying summer a little too much this holiday break and noticing those pesky little sun spots appearing from laying out in the sun all day, then you’re probably now aware of how quality suncare is essential especially with New Zealand’s harsh UV rays.

Let me introduce you to Heliocare; a market leader in sun protection and offers a full range of topical sunscreens but what makes Heliocare different is the brand’s globally recognised capsules which help improve the skin’s resistance to sun damage from the first capsule. 

Manufactured by Cantabria Labs and formulated with Fernblock®, Heliocare Capsules are a daily antioxidant supplement that help boost the skin’s natural sun protection and can repair damage from sun exposure. 

When used in combination with topical photoprotection, the capsules provide homogeneous and uniform protection of the entire body surface and including hard-to-reach areas like the scalp and ears.

Scientifically studied for over 20 years, Fernblock is a supercharged fern-derived antioxidant that supports the body’s response to free radicals in the skin. The damaging effects of free radicals can result in an alteration of the DNA structure in the long term and can even cause skin cancer. 

Fernblock is the key active ingredient in all Heliocare products and has been shown to multiply the skin’s resistance to sunburn. Its protective activity extends to the entire radiation spectrum protecting skin from the specific damage caused by the four types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible and IR). Heliocare Capsules also help prevent other long-term negative effects of sun exposure on the body such as premature skin aging or sun allergies.

Complementing the capsules is Heliocare’s full range of suncare products which includes topical sunscreens specifically formulated for every skin type. Heliocare products are safe and effective for the whole family with a gentle Pediatrics range available for children.

Combining Heliocare’s capsules with topical sunscreen means the skin has the best possible protection from sun damage from the inside out and that’s definitely something to celebrate this summer.

Heliocare Capsules are available online at www.heliocare.nz, at selected stockists and skincare clinics.

Header image by @spathumpa

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