Emma Lewisham: World’s First Carbon Positive Beauty Brand

by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

Cult skincare brand Emma Lewisham has been announced as the world’s first carbon-positive brand with a 100 percent circular-designed product range. This means that every product can be refilled, reused and recycled – the pinnacle of sustainable achievement.

The New Zealand brand has only been around for two years yet is making big waves in the global beauty industry. Packaging is the beauty industry’s number one contributor to carbon emissions as it currently produces 120 billion units of waste every year and the majority of products cannot be recycled and end up in landfills. By moving to a circular model, brands can lower carbon emissions by an incredible 70 percent. Hence why Emma Lewisham has invested heavily into the research and development of innovative packaging, machinery, and processes to allow each product is kept in circulation and diverted from landfills.

To validate these world-first achievements, Emma Lewisham has gained written endorsement from iconic environmentalist, ethologist and United Nations Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall. “New Zealand beauty brand, Emma Lewisham, is demonstrating what it means to be a truly sustainable business. Through their carbon positive and circular business model, Emma Lewisham is creating environmental prosperity and showing their peers that this business model is not just possible but paramount if we are to make a meaningful difference.” says Dr. Jane Goodall. This is the first beauty brand and Aotearoa based business personally endorsed by Dr. Goodall.

Emma says “Since inception, we have worked tirelessly to find our circular solutions. We have developed innovative refillable product packaging and sterilisation technology and systems that allow us to take back all of our packaging globally, free of charge, to be first and foremostly refilled and redistributed. And after 18 months of investment (in every sense of the word), we are proud to be setting a new benchmark as the world’s first circular designed beauty brand with a complete carbon positive product range. However, we don’t want to be the last.”

Emma has promised to publicly release its intellectual property (IP) for its circular designed product packaging and carbon positive model free of charge, encouraging other brands to make similar changes within the beauty industry.

To understand more, check out Emma Lewisham’s Beauty Circle and find out how you can take part in the refill and return-for-recycling options. If you’re new to the world of Emma Lewisham, we recommend the Illuminating Brighten Your Day Créme the cult skincare product you have to get your hands on.


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