Elle Ferguson On Fitness, Face Oil and The Perfect Summer Hair

by Georgia

Elle is no stranger to building a brand. From co-founding successful platform They All Hate Us to creating her signature denim shorts and blonde curls look. Now more recently, with the success of her latest venture – Elle Effect – Elle has secured herself a place among the world’s top influencers.

Working with almost every high-end brand you can name of (and having one hell of a wardrobe to show for it!) Elle is a powerhouse beyond words. 

We spoke to Elle Ferguson on fitness, face oil and the perfect summer hair. 

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty for me always comes from within. Its about being kind with a good heart. The prettiest people always have the biggest hearts 

What do you love the most about the world of beauty?

 I just LOVE that its so much fun! It excites me. The world of beauty that we live in today is so different to 10 years ago and that really amazing to be part of. 

Image: Elle Ferguson

What project were you most proud to work on, or is your most favourite, and why?

 I have to say creating the Elle Effect has been such a proud process for me. Creating brand/product form scratch and have people love it is a real moment. Also seeing the brand within Mecca, sitting on the shelf next to other iconic brands was truely amazing.

When you get stuck in a rut, where does your daily inspiration come from?

My mum, just get up and do it!

This year has been a big change for your fitness routine. How did this come about and how did you find the right routine? 

I knew I had to move. I was struggling a bit mentally with all the negative vibes around me and the world. I realised that I had to keep moving. Previous to lockdown I was trying to walk around 10,000 steps a day and I knew I needed to be able to do this from home. This is when I got myself a treadmill. The walk turned into a shuffle that turned into a slow run and now I sprint. The pilates I need for life so that just was a must.

What are three things you can’t live without? 

my sister, my partner and my (dog) Sadie.

Image: Elle Ferguson

Describe your personal style. How has this evolved over the years?

its unapologetically Elle. It almost always revolves around denim and I love an off duty look with great hair and a kick ass handbag

You mix high and low fashion pieces so well, what is the best advice for someone looking to invest in luxury fashion?

Invest in the classics like a timeless handbag in black. Items that will only get better over time. And save you cash and wait till you get exactly what you want.

Your go-to beauty products are:

  • Elle Effect self tan mouse
  • Elle Effect The Wash
  • Tatcha Lip Jelly
  • Tresemme dry shampoo (the day 2 one is amazing)
  • Nars Dolce Vita Llip crayon
  • GHD curling wand

What do your day-to-day beauty routine look like?

At the moment it’s a lot more chill than it was previously. I love a face oil so addicted to Noni Oil by Kora, Tatch lip Jelly all day everyday. Elle Effect self tanner means im wearing less foundation and dry shampoo. I double cleanse in the night with Olay Scrub and the Tacha rice cleanser.

You feel most empowered when:

 I am surrounded by amazing women doing amazing things

Starting your own brand after years the fashion and beauty industry would appear to be an easy move. How has the journey been different to how you envisioned? 

This has undoubtedly been the hardest journey professionally for me. For every win there are 1000 hurdles you have to jump throw. You’re also the one that makes all the decisions good and bad so that’s on you… With all that said its the most rewarding because I have done it and I keep doing it. Even through COVID I pivoted and made the changes I needed to to still be here.

Image: Elle Effect

#ELLEEFFECT has changed the tanning game. How has the brand evolved past ‘The Elle Tan’?

We now have the perfect hero range to complete that golden glow. The Wash is a must in your tan routine, its a body cleanser/tan remover. The exfoliating glove buffs off old tan and stimulates the red blood cells to break down cellulite. We also have an amazing new product that is about to launch that is a skin perfecto that I can’t wait to show everyone

As we near the end of 2020, what is the best summer beauty hack you’ve discovered over the years?

Let your hair dry naturally after you swim in the beach for perfect summer hair. And EE self tanner and stay out of the sun, nobody wants to look like the old tanned lady from Something About Mary.

Lastly, what advice would you offer to any budding style lovers, entrepreneurs and girl bosses?

 Just do it… Listen to your gut and go after your dreams. No regrets

Words: Georgia Rose
Images: Elle Ferguson

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