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by Amanda

By The Beauty Book

Looking for highly effective skincare with a conscience? Look no further than new luxury hemp skincare brand, Hark & Zander. The New Zealand made beauty brand was founded by serial entrepreneur, Kirsty Harkness, whose vision is to create premium, powerful and innovative skincare for the love of people and planet. We believe the secret of their evolving successes lies in their hero ingredient: Organically grown New Zealand hemp.

She’s hit the mark with both discerning skincare aficionados and everyday shoppers alike – it seems everyone wants highly effective, natural skincare that treads lightly. Their HempTonic Face Oil is exactly that and has rapidly become a skincare staple we all want. Nine vitamin-rich active natural plant oils, including sea buckthorn, squalene and vitamin E, blended to perfection with organically grown New Zealand hempseed oil.

“Modern beauty products today not only have to be innovative and effective, powerful and gentle, they also have to be clean and kind,” insists Kirsty.

“We hold firmly to our guiding principles: To be New Zealand Made, to be Sourced from Nature and Proven by Science, and to be Uncompromisingly Sustainable. Our customers can enjoy luxury, high performing natural skincare, guilt free,” she says.

The story of Hark & Zander begins in idyllic Marlborough, New Zealand where Hark & Zander founder, Kirsty Harkness, was researching the latent potential of an innovative cover crop of hemp which she’d planted to replenish and enrich the soil of Marlborough’s famed fruit. With her research into hemp’s goodness for the soil came an interest in the goodness of hempseed for our bodies. Dissatisfied with how her skin reacted to many modern beauty products, she began investigating ways to blend hempseed oil with other essential oils for optimal skin benefit.

And so HempTonic Face Oil was born: an antioxidant cleanser and moisturiser that doesn’t mess with your natural skin barrier. Rather than stripping your skin as it cleanses, it feeds your skin with natural botanicals and you can truly feel the difference. Aside from the indulgence of calming luxury as you’re using it, it nourishes and repairs without clogging pores, restoring balance to your skin.

Industry experts and consumers have been generously responding with praise:

“Absolutely loved this oil cleanser! Very light and smooth, not too heavy for the skin but helps every bit of makeup glide away with ease. Perfect for those hard to remove waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks. LOVE!” – MacKenzie, a Cosmetics Industry Expert

“I have been using your cleansing oil and face oil. They are right up there with the expensive premium brands. I love the feel of my skin after using them, your products are amazing! – John, a happy customer.

“I absolutely love your products… they’re life changing! Both my husband and I have been obsessed since discovering you at Christmas.” – Sophie, another happy customer!

“It’s humbling having had such a remarkable and enthusiastic response,” says Kirsty, “It gives me and my team such pleasure knowing people are loving our products as much as we do”.

Hark & Zander’s product range now includes their popular HempLavish Nourishing Body Oil and their latest addition – HempPurify Emulsifying Oil Cleanser. With more exciting new products to come, Hark & Zander is one to watch! Available now from harkandzander.com

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