Easy Does It

by Sophie

This season updating your hair doesn’t have to involve an overhaul, unless you’re in the mood for a playful – or colourful – new look.

In the mood for a change? You’re not the only one! We already know a period of upheaval can inspire the desire for a new do: the ‘break-over’ – or post-breakup chop – has long been a thing.  But if you factor in dealing with the challenges of 2020, coupled with the arrival of the mood-boosting warmer weather, it’s not surprising we’re itching to switch up our hair. The good news is, there are a host of inspiring options, from a non-committal shade adjustment to complete transformation. 


Image: Unsplash Huha Inc.

A simple plan

Zoe Clark, Director of INCO Studio in Auckland, says after months of self-care and home styling, clients are excited about an update, but the change doesn’t have to be dramatic. Small adjustments that quickly return to their prior state are easily achieved. 

“Fringes are huge at the moment,’’ says Clark. “From short and textured to grown-out bangs. People are excited and feeling like they need change. A fringe is maximum impact and minimal commitment.”

Longer, sweeping curtain fringes gently frame your face and can be easily blended back into long hair, while straight, lash-brushing fringes and blunt styles are trending too. 

Embracing deeper roots has been a necessity for some of us recently, but it’s an idea that was already gaining traction on the red carpet thanks to celebrities like Margot Robbie, Hailey Beiber and Kristen Stewart pre-Covid. Clark says it’s an approach that remains in favour for its easy-going approach and softer, less-contrived appearance that grows out gracefully, and requires less financial commitment. “The overall effect is still bright, but keeping natural depth at the roots.” Stylists can employ careful root shadow and blurring techniques, so regrowth looks natural, rather than harsh.

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Words: Megan Bedford
Images: Unsplash

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