CHANEL Celebrates 100 Years of No.5 With New Collection

by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

The house of CHANEL has created CHANEL FACTORY 5, an exciting new collection to celebrate 100 years of the iconic fragrance N° 5 by using the signature scent as a sole ingredient. Seventeen limited-edition products inspired by everyday objects are a reminder that wearing N° 5 transforms the ordinary.

The limited-edition line consists of chic bath and body products in fun packaging like scented shower gels in paint cans, and body oils dispensed from an oil tin, showing that – while the silhouette of the classic glass bottle might be iconic and known to all – it’s the scent and product inside that matters most.

“N°5 subverts everyday objects and demonstrates once again that luxury is also in the experience that we have of things. By giving these objects the N°5 identity, they become luxurious, iconic products, while keeping their own designs…Whether it’s a tube of paint, a tea tin or a burette, all are universal, timeless objects that we have dressed in N°5’s visual codes so as to transfigure them. ” says Thomas Du Pré De Saint Maur, Chanel’s head of global creative resources, fragrance and beauty.

CHANEL FACTORY 5 was created to transform functional objects into desirable luxury items to offer the experience of luxury, in everyday life.

“CHANEL FACTORY 5 makes the most of N°5’s amazing ability to continually reinvent itself in order to preserve itself. This concept tells of the product’s eternal youth and the creative idea behind it. It also shows that an industrial product with very functional packaging can be transformed into a unique, desirable object by appropriating N°5’s identity codes, without losing the fundamentals, namely its functionality. ” says Thomas Du Pré De Saint Maur.

From June 29, CHANEL will deploy this industrial scenography across the world’s largest cities. These pop-ups, imagined as theme parks dedicated to N°5, immerse people in a world which mixes the black and white identity of N°5 and the bright colors of pop culture.

The House of CHANEL also offers a digital version for those who wish to see the CHANEL FACTORY 5 without going to the pop-up.

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