To Blade or Not to Blade? What to Consider Before Microblading

by Georgia

It seems these days more people than not have opted for some form of facial tattooing. Albeit in the lovely feminine form of brows, eyeliner or lips. But one treatment above all else seems to have become increasingly commonplace: permanent brow enhancement.  

It is evident that the purpose of the brow is far beyond catching sweat. The brow has the power to make a women look and feel more put together. Adding definition and contrast back into our facial features help us appear more youthful and polished (and science says contributes to the perception of age). Enhancing those two small dense bits of hair does a lot for the way a women can feel about herself on a day to day basis. So it’s no wonder blading, shading and tattooing the brow in some form has excelled in popularity with the coming of the era of the power brow and feminine empowerment. 

So, now you’re more than a little intrigued by the idea of permanent enhancement, you have the (slightly) overwhelming task of choosing from a vast array of artists nationwide. What should you look for in a cosmetic artist before you leap into the world of permanent cosmetics? Here are a few important aspects you may want to consider before taking the plunge. 


What techniques do they specialise in? Ask yourself if they are specialists or generalists in what they offer. Do they dabble in a bit of everything or have they honed their skills around a select few techniques that mean they are experts with a particular service? 

Healed results 

What do the healed results look like? Tattooing a live organ (such as the skin) is a science. And most brows will initially photograph well, but it’s what happens in the weeks and months to come that determines the artist’s understanding of the process and the skin. Long term colour, retention and crispness (yes, we like crispy brows), are all influenced by the knowledge of the artist and the understanding of each and every clients skin type and pigment choice. 

Meet your artist

All cosmetic artists should be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your future brow aspirations. Go in and start with booking something as simple as a brow shape and tint with your artist in question. This way you’ll get a feel for their work and it will give the therapist a chance to get to know your preferences too (it’s much easier to tweak a tint then a tat). 


You are considering permanently tattooing the centre of your face. Invest, invest, invest. Do it once and do it right. Don’t spend money fixing a botched job that you’re unhappy with. Just save a little harder for a wee bit longer (travel a wee bit further) and get the brows done right. First time. The cost of the service will usually reflect the experience of the artist. 

So whether you’re 21 or 81, there’s nothing more important or valuable than you feeling good about you. And if you’re considering permanent cosmetics, good for you! It’s a game changer. But be informed. Take your time. And choose wisely. 


Words: Nikki Moore
Images: Supplied

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