Bondi Sands Founder Blair James’ Top Tanning Tips

by Georgia

While a trip to the tropics isn’t on the cards anytime soon and warmer weather still some ways off, summer skin can be achieved with the right routine.

We thought it was the perfect time to pick the brain of Blair James, founder of everyone’s favourite self tanning brand Bondi Sands, for his best tips and tricks for acing that faux glow this spring. 

Tip #1: Body care 

A natural looking tan is all the prep and maintenance. Exfoliating is essential for avoiding patchiness as it helps create a smooth base. Focus on the knees, elbows and ankles the day before tanning with something like our Coconut & Sea Salt Body Scrub. Then keep up the good work with an effective moisturiser. Our Coconut Body Moisturiser has a self tan friendly formula and the jojoba and vitamin E will keep your tan looking fresher for longer.

Tip #2: Read the label 

Self tan continues to develop on the skin once it’s washed off, so stick to the recommended development period. If you’re wanting a really dark tan, rather than applying multiple layers of product, try something that is designed to give you a deeper colour, like Bondi Sands Aero Ultra Dark or the Ultra Dark Lotion if you’re looking for something even more hydrating.

Tip #3: Long sweeping motions 

For a believable looking tan, you’ll want to use long, sweeping motions to avoid streaks. Don’t forget to use a mitt, otherwise your hands will stain as they tend to absorb colour much faster than other areas of the body, plus a mitt helps to distribute the product evenly. 

Tip #4: Don’t stain your sheets 

Many tanning formulas are now quick-drying, like our Liquid Gold range. There’s no wash off required so you can marinate overnight while it develops and not have to worry about the colour transferring. Or opt for one of our GLO One Day Tans and wash away the bronze before hitting the sheets.

Tip #5: SPF 

This may seem like a strange one, but you can still get burned from the sun’s rays even with a faux glow. Make sure to apply and reapply if you’re planning to be outside during the day, especially with summer approaching. Our SPF Oils are so lightweight, it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing sunscreen.

Shop the products from Blair James’ Tanning Tips Below. 

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