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Located in the heart of Newmarket in Auckland, Bliss Day Spa & Reflexology provides a luxurious and blissful escape from the city where you can put your feet up and enjoy total relaxation of your body, mind and soul. 

Bliss combines aspects of the world’s oldest cultures with the latest in wellness philosophy – embracing the ancient art of Chinese Reflexology to encourage full-body wellness, and to help release your body’s natural energy flow. Reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese belief in qi, or “vital energy” that flows through our bodies, which is blocked when a person is feeling stressed and can lead to illness. Chinese reflexology aims to keep qi flowing through the body to keep it balanced and free from disease.

In Chinese medicine, different points on your feet, hands and ears correspond to different areas of your body, that when massaged using the thumb and fingers by trained therapists – can release stress held within your body and assist to help you re-energise and re-balance. By stimulating nerves on specific areas, Bliss Day Spa & Reflexology therapists are able to stimulate blood flow and eliminate the build-up of toxins in the corresponding organs and systems of your body. By sending a calming message to the central nervous system your body adjusts its tension levels and increases blood supply, oxygen and nutrients to nourish and restore the equilibrium within. 

A wide range of luxurious and indulgent massage therapies

Bliss provides a range of therapeutic massage treatments including Chinese reflexology foot massage, deep-tissue massage, full-body massage, couples massage, pregnancy massage, and combination massage treatments. With a choice between deep tissue or relaxation massage treatments to help you achieve overall well-being, you’ll step out of Bliss feeling like you’re walking on air… feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energised.

Hot Stone massage therapy is also available – where hot volcanic rock stones that release their heat evenly are strategically placed on pressure points to help you relax, relieve tense muscles and pain, and improve your emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Bliss also offers Chinese cupping – an ancient therapeutic treatment dating back to 300AD that uses warmed cups to create suction on your skin to ease pain and inflammation – to increase blood flow and encourage relaxation and well-being.

So put your feet up, and experience a massage therapy and reflexology treatment like no other in Auckland.

My Bliss memberships

Bliss offers a special My Bliss prepaid membership programme that allows Gold members to enjoy 30% off standard treatment prices, and Silver members to enjoy 20% off standard treatment prices.

A special gift, for a special someone.

If you want to treat someone special in your life to the Gift of Bliss, Bliss massage gift vouchers are available as a physical gift voucher or an e-voucher, and are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase.

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* Reflexology and massage should be seen as complementary and not a substitute for medical treatment. It is not recommended within the first three months of pregnancy.

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