Benefits of Blackcurrant Seed Oil

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We watch what food we consume and what we put in our bodies, so why should skincare be any different? On average, a woman uses 12 personal care items a day, and as our biggest organ, our skin absorbs everything that we put on it, so taking a closer look at what is in our skincare is crucial.

Choosing skincare products made from natural ingredients not only benefits our skin’s health, it also benefits our overall health. Case in point: blackcurrant seed oil. One of the most valuable seed oils in the world, blackcurrant seed oil is hailed as a true natural wonder due to its impressive concentration of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. If you’re not familiar yet, allow us to introduce the powerful anti-aging weapon that is fast growing a cult following for its nutrient-rich potency and plethora of skin benefits.

1. Combats visible signs of aging

Visible signs of aging can occur at any age due to environmental stressors such as sun damage, pollution and oxidative stress. Blackcurrant seed oil is naturally rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E that work to strengthen the barrier layer of your skin and protect against these environmental factors. A powerful anti-aging weapon, it benefits both young and mature skin by stimulating the skin’s natural metabolism and regenerating your skin cells, thus slowing down the aging process and keeping skin looking firmer, fresher
and younger.


2. Prevents acne, pimples and skin irritation

An oil that prevents acne and breakouts? It sounds counter-intuitive, we know, but hear us out. Blackcurrant seed oil contains a unique combination of gamma-linoleic and stearidonic acids known as conditionally essential fatty acids, meaning that your skin cannot manufacture them on its own and they must be obtained from your diet or applied topically. It’s one of these acids in particular – gamma-linoleic – that acne sufferers have been shown to commonly have lower levels of, and which is considered to be a significant contributing factor to the formation of acne. The good news is blackcurrant seed oil contains an abundance of both, which work together to provide a powerful anti-inflammatory effect that regulates the skin’s sebum production and reduces clogged pores to prevent acne and breakouts.


3. Fights hyper-pigmentation

Among its impressive list of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities, blackcurrant seed oil is also particularly helpful in reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation caused by sunburn or post-acne blemishes. The high levels of vitamin E helps to fade stubborn dark spots and protect skin cells from further free radical damage, while vitamin A balances melanin production and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion.


4. Provides an intense hydration hit

If your skin’s moisture levels are out of balance, it can cause irritation, dryness and flaking that no amount of makeup can hide. The nutrient-rich content of blackcurrant seed oil locks in moisture and provides the intense repair and conditioning that dry skin needs. Absorbing deeply into skin to nourish cells from the inside out, the oil’s essential fatty acids boost the skin’s natural hydration levels and heal even the driest skin without feeling greasy, leaving your skin wonderfully smooth, nourished and protected.


5. Gently nourishes even the most sensitive skin types

A hydrating and skin-loving oil with deeply reparative qualities, blackcurrant seed oil is commonly used to treat hypersensitive skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and general skin sensitivity. With its high concentration of fatty acids, the oil provides impressive anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects to skin, calming and nourishing the skin cells to reduce redness and irritation.

Blackcurrant seed oil is one of the main ingredients in Savar’s range of naturally powerful skincare, formulated using the latest technology and science to create an ultra-premium range of natural products for the skin, body and hair.

Their Hydrating Antioxidant Moisture Mask is formulated with the oil of New Zealand-grown blackcurrants and boosted with organic pomegranate – one of nature’s best age-defying antioxidants to help combat dryness and regenerate skin – to create an uber-nourishing plant-based mask that provides an amazing boost of moisture and relieves even the driest skin to leave your skin wonderfully smooth, nourished and protected.

Savar’s Hydrating Mask is available at

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