Benefit’s new POREfessional Lite

by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

Benefit has revealed the latest product in their best selling POREfessional range, POREfessional Lite.

The POREfessional lite primer is the best way to blur and refine the look of pores, while keeping your makeup in place. Not only does this pore primer minimise the look of pores, but feels weightless and breathable because of its 73% water-based formula that gives off a refreshing cooling sensation.

Get to know the POREfessional Lite Primer from the Q&A below with Benefit!

What inspired Benefit to develop The POREfessional: Lite Primer?

We wanted to create a product for our Benebabes who are looking for an ultra-“LITE”, noncomedogenic, water-based option when it comes to priming. And after years in the making, we’re excited to share that we’ve developed the first water-based member of The POREfessional family! With an overall simplified formula, it’s a truly ultra-lightweight face primer that minimizes and refines the look of pores yet feels like nothing on skin. Knowing our newest addition to The POREfessional family would be ultra-lightweight, we found inspiration in all things airy and, well, light! We modernized our iconic POREfessional Spygal and took her into the clouds and sky, where we could really play up the ultra-lightweight and refreshing, cloudlike sensation of the formula.

Benefit has mentioned the “non-primer user” in relation to this product. Who is the nonprimer user?

At Benefit, we know not everyone uses a primer, and that’s okay! To us, “non-primer users” are Benebabes who might not use a primer as part of their regular routine or who might be new to makeup and primers in general. If you’re a non-primer or a newbie-primer user, The POREfessional: Lite Primer was specifically developed for you! The ultra-lightweight, water-based formula feels like nothing on skin, is fragrance free and is suitable for even delicate skin. At the same time, it’s got all the benefits of a primer by helping makeup stay put (if you feel like wearing any) and blurring pores for a soft-focus effect. The result is a smoother-than-smooth complexion that looks like your skin, but better! It’s the extra easy, effortless option you never knew you wanted.

Why is The POREfessional: Lite Primer good for non-primer users? Would someone who uses primer regularly still benefit from this product?

The POREfessional: Lite Primer is great for both non-primer AND regular primer users. Because it’s a simplified, water-based formula, this primer is best for when you want to use something that feels a little lighter, for the days you’re going for a simpler makeup routine, or for those coveted “no-makeup makeup” days when you want skin that looks smooth without spending the time on foundation. Of course, The POREfessional: Lite Primer still has the full set of benefits that regular primer users like about their primers – it helps makeup stay put, it’s longwearing, it’s pore-blurring and pore-refining AND it’s smoothing.

How is The POREfessional: Lite Primer different from other pore primers in the industry? What makes it unique?

The POREfessional: Lite Primer is water-based. Typically, a water-based primer would not be able to achieve the level of pore-blurring that a silicone-based primer could. That’s why The POREfessional: Lite Primer is so unique! Not only is it water-based, but it also retains the sister qualities of the original The POREfessional. Talk about a win-win!

Benefit’s POREfessional Lite Primer is available now for RRP $60 NZD in Sephora, Farmers and more.

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