All in the genes?

by mera

By Tracey Strange

Mums and daughters share lots of secrets, passing down wisdom through the generations. Mother-to-daughter beauty advice is particularly precious – we are, after all, products of our genes. Many factors affect how our skin ages, with genetics – along with sun exposure – playing a huge role. But while you may love the fact you’ve inherited your mum’s wacky sense of humour, do you also have to inherit the wrinkles she often complains about? 

Not if Mum is top cosmetic physician Dr Teresa Cattin. Highly trained in the use of Botox® and cosmetic fillers, Teresa has more than 20 years’ experience in cosmetic medicine, is a past President of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine and is regularly invited to speak at international conferences.

She works with her daughter Leigh, a trained nurse who went back to study medicine and is now in her final year of medical school. Together they run the highly regarded clinic FaceWorks, on Auckland’s Apollo Drive. Leigh, who has a particular interest in Botox® and lip enhancements for younger patients, has already developed a loyal following. 

Each is a devotee of the French approach to appearance medicine known as La French Touche. The French believe minimal amounts of Botox® should be used on carefully selected areas of the face to soften and refresh rather than significantly change facial features. The results are naturally beautiful. “It’s not simply about softening age-related changes on the face,” Leigh says. “Rather, it’s about carefully enhancing a client’s natural beauty.”

But it’s not only appearance medicine techniques that help women, young and old, to age positively. Teresa and Leigh are as passionate about good skincare as they are about artfully applied Botox and dermal fillers. “Next to sunscreen, applying a moisturiser is the most important thing you can do to prevent premature ageing, chronological and environmental,” says Cattin. “Good genes and avoiding the sun gets you so far. How well your skin ages will also be determined by how good your beauty products are.”

FaceWorks skincare, developed by Teresa, is a firm favourite with beauty editors throughout the country and has a loyal following among those wanting an affordable and effective cosmeceutical alternative. The 12-product range includes a line-up of well-formulated moisturisers, sun protection, cleanser, a primer and an AHA-based exfoliator. There is also spankingly new Day Crème with seven per cent vitamin B3, or niacinamide. A powerhouse of a skincare ingredient, niacinamide’s many benefits include the ability to soothe skin, minimise pores, even skin tone and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

To find out more about FaceWorks – including its excellent eponymous skincare range – visit or phone (09) 486 5540. The clinic is located at D/43 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay. Open Tuesday to Friday.


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