Affordable luxury home fragrances just in time for Christmas

by Amanda

By Mera Tabarruk

New Kiwi brand Maison&Muse launches with a mission to change up the overpriced luxury home fragrance category with a chic, minimal designed range of premium fragrances that are surprisingly affordable. Gotta love luxurious products at a bargain!

The brand has been developed by a group of savvy New Zealand women who were tired of paying too much for beautifully designed, indulgent fragrances and seeing them sit as ornaments rather than being used – which I personally completely relate to, my pricey candles sit on the corner piling up dust thinking I’ll burn them on a special occasion…

The monochromatic range of Maison&Muse natural soy candles and premium black wooden reed diffusers are inspired by iconic Muses, designed to suit any home or style and be affordable enough to indulge in daily.

The launch comes just in time for the Christmas season and would make the perfect gift, while tapping into the high growth of traditional home fragrances due to the pandemic and lockdowns over the past two years.

Maison&Muse’s signature launch collection is inspired by four timeless iconic women. The essence of these Muses inspired the luxurious fragrances and the type of mood or atmosphere they would create. The four fragrances available in both 350g natural soy candles and 120ml black wooden reed diffusers include;

AUDREY Blackberry & French Vanilla

She’s smooth like velvet but has an alluring wild side as creamy vanilla intertwines with a cocktail of rich berries. The Muse that brings you passionately into the present, creating a home that is calm, content and luxurious.

WHITNEY Guava & Elderflower

She’s evocative and energising with tropical layers of ripe guava, infused with fragrant elderflower berries. The Muse that revitalises your home and mind, creating an enriched, elegant, and lively space.

MARILYN Wild Vanilla & Caramel

She’s seductively sophisticated and captivates with her enchanting aroma. Blending indulgent caramel with wild vanilla, this Muse creates a relaxing & sensual home effortlessly.

DIANA Sweet Pea & Peony

She’s a caring and imaginative soul who combines the healing properties of peony with sweet pea to ignite creativity. The Muse that brings wonder to your home, creating a refreshed and inspired environment.

Maison&Muse is now available in Countdown stores nationwide and can be found for just $25 across the range with monthly specials.

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