Advanced Multi-Action Formula to Nourish, Hydrate & Refresh Dry Eyes

by Amanda

By Mera Tabarruk

Find yourself dry-eyed after a long day of staring at your computer screen? Not to worry, you’re not alone and there’s a solution to help your eyes feel nourished and hydrated!

derma aesthetics new Lidlotion formula provides extended protection and immediate soothing relief for dry eyes, Lidlotion is an advanced multi-action formula that nourishes and hydrates dry eyes whilst protecting from further moisture loss and sensitivity.

“Lidlotion is another great example of the dermaviduals brand changing lives, not just skin. Dry eyes are such a common problem, with lots of us staring at screens all day. Lidlotion is your solution for nourished and refreshed eyes!”  says Lisa Paone, Head of Education at derma aesthetics.

Dry eye disease is a common condition that occurs when tears can’t provide adequate lubrication for the delicate eye area resulting in stinging and burning sensations, eye redness, sensitivity to light and even blurred vision. 

dermaviduals Lidlotion is an isotonic solution enriched with phosphatidylcholine, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and their eyebright extract which are essential to skin health. The pH value of the Lidlotion has been adjusted to the level of the tear film, resulting in the perfect option to provide ultimate hydration to the delicate eye area! 

Inadequate tear production can be due to the natural ageing process, irritation due to the use of contact lenses and even due to prolonged time spent in front of a computer screen.  The ensuing eye irritation, sensitivity and discomfort can be a common complaint that many experience. 

Book in for your advanced skin analysis with a participating dermaviduals partner/stockist, who will be in the best position to recommend Lidlotion for your unique skin care needs.

Product on sale 1st November 2021

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