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It’s the underdog of the hair removal industry. Lisa from About Beauty explains why to this day electrolysis remains one of the best treatments for hidden and hard to reach areas.

What is Electrolysis? 

Electrolysis is a permanent method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. A very fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle, currents are activated resulting in destroying the hair germ growth cells and the hair slides out with no pulling or tugging. The treatment has been used for 100 years – that speaks volumes, not a one-hit wonder or trend that fades away.

Why does electrolysis remain popular?

Electrolysis is still the leading permanent hair removal treatment. No other methods can give 100% clearing, omitted it takes time but you can treat every hair!

As an epilation specialist who uses all methods of hair removal, I find each treatment has its place. Electrolysis can target small areas like the eyebrows, which you certainly can’t treat with IPL on these areas. In areas where IPL has treated the majority of hairs, but there are a few finer ones left, both treatments work hand in hand, perfectly together. 

How much does it cost?

Electrolysis is priced per appointment and ranges from $28 to $78. However, we recognise some clients need more electrolysis than others, such as full jawline, sideburn and upper lip areas, where IPL or waxing isn’t an option. So, we tailor a reduced weekly cost to help them achieve their result.

Targeted concerns?

Electrolysis is for anyone and everyone who needs unwanted hair removed, with an initial consultation to see if they are safe to have it done. Electrolysis is more for targeted face zones, whereas IPL is more suited for larger body hair removal areas. Electrolysis works extremely well on the toes and fingers! 

What results can clients expect?

There’s no doubt some clients find it can hurt a bit, but everyone’s pain thresholds are different. Skin can be slightly irritated post-treatment, but this calms down after 10 – 15 minutes. As each hair follicle is treated, the re-growth returns slower and finer. Hairs can be trimmed in between sessions but NO tweezing, plucking or waxing. We advise clients to support their skin’s healing with professional post-care serums or creams which are available in our clinic. As the hair growth responds, session times will spread further apart, leaving more time for our clients to enjoy facials! 

Why electrolysis over other treatment options?

It’s simple – other methods aren’t suitable for everyone. Electrolysis can be done at a reasonable price, in short sessions, depending on the budget. Plus, it’s great for the face or small growth areas or to finish off IPL in smaller, harder to reach areas.

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