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by Sophie

Brow obsessed would be putting it mildly. Nikki Moore is someone that could talk to you more about your eyebrows than what you ever thought someone would be capable (or willing) to do. After many years in the beauty industry, she has confidently chosen to carve her path in the world as a beauty specialist and self-confessed brow enthusiast.

Why did you choose to specialize and why do people choose you? 

I am drawn to empowering women to be their best selves, and I have the ability to do just that through the treatments that I provide in my salon. I don’t dabble in other specialties and have chosen to stay away from a broad range of services. I am focused on the art of brow enhancement, specifically the manual form of Microblading.  

I’m someone that’s not terribly good at not being very good at something. By specialising in brow construction, I strive through repeated practice to attain Level Expert and perfection with my craft (so, just a small dream..). I want to offer nothing short of the best version of the services that I provide. While being a generalist works for some, the art of focus is prominent for me at Haus of Brows and, it sets my studio apart and me apart within the industry. 

What drives you to specialise in microblading? 

Microblading is a treatment that aligns with my philosophy of a less is more approach. It’s a subtle enhancement that doesn’t scream “my brows are tattooed” but instead just reduces the need for makeup on a day to day basis. It works by implanting pigment into the upper layers of skin via a small hand tool to mimic brow hairs to enhance your most flattering brow. The restoration of a great brow makes a huge difference to someone’s confidence and appearance, and I’m obsessed with the result.  

What would you advise people to think about when considering brow enhancements? 

If you want to perfect or reconstruct your brows and wake up feeling like a more polished version of you, then Microblading could be a great treatment to consider. Anyone considering any kind of permanent cosmetic treatment should take their time doing their research. Implanting pigment into the skin is a science and takes time, experience and a good understanding of the treatment and processes involved.

When you consider enhancing your features (especially permanently!) invest, invest, invest. Do it once and do it right. Don’t spend money fixing a botched job that you’re unhappy with. Just save a little harder for a wee bit longer (travel a wee bit further) and get the job done right – first time.

At the end of the day, I believe there’s nothing more important or powerful than a woman feeling her most confident self. I welcome all women near and far to explore the prospect of permanent cosmetics with me as it truly is a game-changer.  

The only regret you may experience is the fact that you didn’t do it sooner! 

94 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri,Northland

09 401 6102 

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