A medically-based meal replacement for weight loss

by Amanda

By The Beauty Book

Struggling to lose weight? Confused and discouraged by dieting? Introducing FastFx – a New Zealand made, plant based Meal Replacement for dramatic weight loss.

Auckland Gastroenterologist, Dr Alasdair Patrick, saw, first hand, the health impacts of being overweight. He also saw patients trying, but failing, to lose weight with traditional dieting and was concerned with diet products on the market that contained artificial and synthetic products, full of preservatives, fillers and sweeteners. He decided to do something about it and FastFx was created. 

Dr Patrick knows that for many people losing weight is essential to their health. Being overweight can lead to a shocking number of serious diseases, as well as reducing our ability to live life to the fullest. He tells us that when people truly understand how important being a good weight is for their health, they can take control over their weight. He designed FastFx as a tool to help people turn their lives around, lose the weight and create a healthier future for themselves.  

With traditional dieting it can be difficult to reduce the calories enough to lose weight while ensuring you get all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. Or, as Dr Patrick explains, “you may eat enough nutrients, but can’t get your calories low enough. It is very difficult to get this balance right.” This is why 80% of traditional dieting isn’t successful long term.  

FastFx changes all of that. It takes away the guess work in dieting.  FastFx gives you everything you need to keep healthy, while being very low in calories (only 204). So your metabolism stays fuelled; the weight comes off faster and you stay healthy while you you lose it.

FastFx is vegan and allergen free. High in plant based protein, together with fibre and slow release energy.

Customers who replace 3 meals a day with FastFx are seeing weight loss of 2-4kg a week. One customer, Dee, said “I want to thank you for these shakes, they’re the best shakes I’ve ever tried. I don’t get hungry at all. I’ve been on them for 6 days and lost 3kg, and being a vegan, it’s perfect”.

Another customer, Jody, says “by utilising FastFx, I have managed to drop a very stubborn 10 kgs and keep it off for 18 months.  For that, I am very thankful.” 

So far, Kiwis have lost 35,000 kgs thanks to FastFx – and when more than half of sales are from repeat customers, the statistics speak for themselves.

“Losing weight is hard, but the health impacts of being overweight are even harder. Let FastFx help you achieve your weight loss goal” Dr Alasdair Patrick.



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