A 20 Minute Full Body Workout? No Sweat.

by mera

Finding the ideal workout can be tricky. Especially when juggling busy work, family and social schedules. Often there aren’t enough hours in the day for these schedules, let alone dedicating 60 minutes (plus travel time) to go to the gym or complete that PT session. This is where we were amazed to learn about Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training, a unique form of strength training that takes just 20 minutes, yet offers measurable results.

Fu/nis is Auckland’s first boutique EMS training studio where the talented team specialize only in this form of training. EMS training works by emitting low-frequency electric impulses to the muscles which in turn activate up to 90 per cent of the body’s major muscles groups, including those you would normally struggle to activate. The result? The same as completing a high intensity, 90-minute workout at the gym. Did we mention all this in 20 minutes?

Our Publisher Amanda Basher trained at fu/nis once a week for 3 months and talks us through what to expect.

“Busy” is a word I use more often than I would like to admit, and as a result, learning about a workout that would take only 20 minutes (giving me back an extra 40 minutes) was exciting.

 As I had never heard of, or tried EMS training before, I had no initial expectations but was surprised when I turned up for my first session with a full gym bag to be told I wouldn’t need any of it. Instead, I was handed an outfit to quickly change into and was strapped into the equipment. Not having to bring any workout gear was a huge perk, especially when in between meetings.

Once the workout resumed, it was a strange sensation feeling your muscles almost buzz from the impulses but you quickly get used to it. In fact, a normal workout now almost feels odd as it doesn’t have the same activation.

I trained once a week at fu/nis for a 3-month period and each workout was tailored to help me achieve my goals. As a result, it meant that in each session, the trainer challenged me to reach the impulse intensity level from the prior session, all stored on your very own “client card”. Workouts would vary from squats and lunges to hip raises but would only ever involve using your own body weight. For someone used to high intensity workouts, I was surprised at how little I would break a sweat during some of the sessions yet would feel like I had run a half marathon the next day. Clearly something had worked!

When I started at fu/nis I had a weigh in as part of the induction where the following measurements were taken;

Weight- 62.3kg

Body Fat %- 29.9%

Waist- 76cm

Hips- 98.5cm

Arms (Bicep)- 26.5cm

By the end, the results were;

Weight- 59.5kg

Body Fat %- 23%

Waist- 72.5cm

Hips- 96.7cm

Arms (Bicep)- 26cm

I was amazed and surprised at the results given I was only training once a week at fu/nis with a little cardio thrown in between. However, I could tell I was getting stronger and fitter each week as my technique improved so knew positive changes had been happening.

Introducing EMS training into my workout regime has been exciting and highly rewarding and something I would recommend for anyone at any stage of their fitness journey.

 Founder, Catrina Kuehler suggests that to get most out of EMS training you should use it as an add on to your current regime or as an easy entry back into an exercise routine, as 20 minutes is all you need.

“You can only complete one, maximum two EMS training sessions per week as they are so powerful” says Catrina.

Fu/nis is located at O’Connell Street in Auckland CBD and are opening another boutique studio in Takapuna this July.

Catrina says; “EMS training is a very different concept to anything else we currently have in the fitness market. It has taken a while to establish due to being so different but now, the demand continues to grow meaning the ability to open new fu/nis studios across more cities in New Zealand. This is exciting as it means we are on the right path to make exercise easy for everyone”.

Fu/nis offers concession cards as well as monthly memberships, starting at $49 per session and in order to test the training they will offer you a special deal.

fu/nis EMS Training
29-33 Shortland Street
Entrance from O’Connell Street, Downtown, Auckland
09-373 3004


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