Defy Gravity with Skinography

by Georgia

Normally when I hear the words Defying Gravity I think of the song from the Broadway musical Wicked. However, from now onwards, those words will have a slightly different meaning thanks to the incredible facial titled ‘Def Gravity’ created by the miraculous Kate Michelmore from Skinography.

The Defy Gravity facial is designed to sculpt, chisel and restructure the face and is unlike anything I have experienced before. My skin actually felt like it had been through an F45 workout (that feeling where your muscles are tender but it feels so good!).

The treatment, which captures and highlight’s Kate’s expertise to a tee, uses a Sculptural Facial Massage Technique. This technique is designed to remove tension and stress in the muscle tissue by softening and strengthening the muscle fibers. It explains why it is like a work out for your face!

“Before performing the massage technique my skin was cleansed, exfoliated and masque, using a beautiful skincare line called Mukti Organics. Mukti Organics is an eco-luxe range which Kate trialed for 6 months before introducing to Skinography. When asked about the range, Kate explained “I was amazed at the results I saw on my own skin in such a short time. The range is an organic cosmeceutical which is the holy grail I have been looking for, but have struggled to find as a brand is either one or the other.” “In addition, the delivery system was state of the art, the formulations potent and extremely effective, in fact the Vitamin A used has delivered more results than other medical ranges I have used”.

Once the pampering was out of the way and my skin prepared, it was time to get down to business. Kates hands were like magic and she would frequently find muscles I didn’t know I had and would always know exactly what they were called (apparently facial muscles have fancy names). As I wanted to learn more, Kate would talk me through each step and explain how manipulating the facial muscles by massaging deep inside the cheek and jaw area results in a more lifted structure and defined facial contours. She was also able to pin point almost instantly that I clench my jaw and therefore worked on relieving the tension I didn’t know I had until it was gone.

Kate’s career has taken her all over the world where she has gained skills and expertise that take years to perfect. One of Kate’s achievements was heading to LA to train with Yakov Gerkovich , famous for pioneering facial sculpting. Post training, she was formally invited back to attend the masters programme, making her the only skin expert in New Zealand to have completed this advanced certification.

The finesse that Kate has is evident the moment the treatment begins and it is easy to see why there is a waitlist to experience her carefully curated treatments. 

We suggest skipping your next gym session in favour of this skin workout!

The Defy Gravity at Skinography is a 90 minute treatment at $360. | @skinography

Words: Amanda Basher                                                                                                                                           Images: Skinography

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