Style: The Cardi Is Back

by Georgia

Cardigans are back!

Of all the wardrobe items to make a stylish comeback, the cardigan was the least likely contender – in my eyes at least. They have always been decidedly frumpy – too long, too short. Whether cotton, woollen or cashmere, I have always opted for its distant relative – the pullover. At least, that was until Katie Holmes, donned in $1,700 Khaite cashmere, sent the internet into revolution.

Lyst, a global fashion search platform, reported searches for the brand skyrocketed by 217 percent after the images circulated on social media platforms. Searches for the now-beloved cardigan was also up by 54 per cent month on month. 

As a more streamlined, fitted styles come back in, is the cardigan the perfect nod to the relaxed, yet put together trends? 

In search of joining this cosy revolution, we picked our favourite cardigans from high street to high end and everything in between.

The Grandpa; 

The Grandpa cardigan is your go-to winter warmer. Oversized and slouchy, the look is classic with a modern twist.

Our picks [From left to right]: Country Road $259,  Ruby $389 ,  Tibi $995

The Longline;

We can’t forget the old-faithful, longline. Although trends come and go, the longline has always been right there. Perfect to relax the classic t-shirt and jeans look during the colder months. 

Our picks [From left to right]: Kookai $180,  Witchery $229.90,  Glassons $59.99

The Cropped; 

The current cardi trend, is the cropped look, dubbed the ‘sexy cardigan’. Often paired with a matching knit bra-let, you’ll be channelling Katie Holmes in no time. Forego the t-shirt underneath and tuck into some high-waisted pants to achieve the popular look.

Our picks [From left to right]: Ragdoll LA $479, Glassons $39.99, Lou Lou Studio $559

The Wrap;

Let that five-year-old inner ballerina fly with a classic take on the cardigan. Adding femininity to your look, the Wrap can be worn in many different ways, serving multiple looks in one. Perfect for those who are wanting to get more mileage out of a single garment.

Our picks [From left to right]: Glassons $39.99, Kowtow $249, Lonely Label $295

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                                 Images: Pinterest, Brands 

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